Music is more than a like!

Music is more than a like!

Streaming has had a significant impact on the music industry in the last decade changing the way that music is consumed and how artists are compensated for their work.

The demand for streaming content is likely to continue to grow, it is not easy to predict exactly how the music industry will evolve in the future.

As a digital platform our key priority is take the music seriously so working side by side with the music industry.

Because of that we are working for an updated model for the music business that will be an innovative, artist-centric’ and values all subscribers and rewards the music we love.

We launched Music Social Responsibility “MSR”, our global initiative to set out pooling needs and requirements for a better place to live, to engage and to stay always on stage.

How it works

How it works


GUT payback is a % of the subscription (monthly or pay per event) converted into a GUT Token for each member.


Upcoming musicians are selected and promoted on GUT


Each member of the community can use GUT Tokens to support and promote upcoming musicians.. and more


Upcoming musicians will receive GUT tokens from the community into their own GUT wallet